Getting Started

Welcome to the TravelClick API Developer Portal.  Our APIs provide a simple way for partners and customers to access TravelClick's data and services.


1. Registration

To register with the developer portal, follow the step-by-step procedure to sign-up available here: Sign-Up User Guide.  You will be sent an email confirmation upon approval of your request.

As part of the approval process, we need to process NDAs with both the TravelClick client and the digital development agency, if one is used.  The information we need to prepare the NDA are:

  • Vendor Name (legal entity name)
  • Name of Signatory
  • Title of Signatory
  • State/Country of Incorporation 
  • Address


2. Obtain Your Application API Key

Please contact to request a non-production API Key.  A unique API Key is associated with each application that you and your organization created.  All applications initially use the Sandbox environment until they are fully tested and ready to be approved for production.


3. Explore our APIs

Once you've obtained your API key, you can easily explore each API by browsing the documentation under the Documentation tab to see response messages from our sandbox environment and generate sample client-side code in most popular languages.  Interactive testing of APIs is available only for REST APIs.


4. NDA and Pricing Review

If you choose to move forward after the initial API documentation review, we need to finalize legal forms and pricing for the intended use cases of your application.  Please consult with the account manager of the hotel/group for assistance.


5. Develop and Test You Application

Contact us at to obtain a sandbox testing environment and hotel configuration where you can experiment, develop code and fix bugs on your application in our non-production environment.


6. Submit Your Application for Certification

When you are ready to submit your application for approval for production use, notify us and we will review your application.  Formal certification and technical review sessions are scheduled before we approve your application for production use.  

The certification process is fairly simple.  We are after some key information to understand your application

  • Explain the purpose of your application
  • Which TravelClick APIs are used by the application
  • A rough estimate of the API call volume (daily average or monthly average)
  • Explain your plan to stay under the assigned rate limit
  • IP addresses where the calls are coming from (for server-to-server connections)
  • Whether API calls are for live rates for each request based on user input or if the information is cached on your server and API calls are made only periodically
  • Run your application in the non-production test environment and we will examine the API logs.  We encourage live web-sharing sessions to demonstrate the application
  • Need a list of properties your application will access on our production system.


7. Update API-Key/Key-Secret for Production

Once your application is approved for production use, we will assign a new API-key/key-secret to use in the production environment and the proper account and API plans will be assigned as well.